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Suspended Ceiling Contractors in Nottingham

Want to make a great first impression? Does your office need a little more 'wow factor'?

Suspended ceilings are the practical solution to creating a fresh and modern feel; or design statement, whilst still allowing access to all the nitty-gritty, like overhead services and wiring.

As experienced suspended ceiling contractors in Nottingham CIBC understand that ceilings need to meet your business requirements on every level – and we’re not just talking about noise reduction qualities for those working in busy offices! They also influence climate, acoustics, light dispersal and general well-being in the work place. They also save energy and provide import fire protection to a buildings fabric as required by building and fire safety regulations.

Key suspended ceiling features are:

  • Cost-effective
  • Speed of installation
  • Adaptable; reusable and interchangeable
  • Ready to go design with instant visual impact without the need for decoration
  • Acoustic solutions, sound reduction, absorption and distribution to minimise echo
  • Thermally efficient; reduces heating costs and distributes heat
  • Influences climate and air quality
  • Fire rating, with a minimum of 30 minutes for UK products
  • Helps in the provision of working place well-being to control temperature, light dispersal and noise interference.
  • Eliminates unsightly services, such as electricals and provides a portal in which to carry services to other parts of a building without the need for conduits, holes and re-plastering; whilst allowing easily access for maintenance.

Total flexibility is one factor companies appreciate about these types of ceilings: As specialist suspended ceiling contractors in Nottingham, we’ve fitted suspended ceilings in just about every kind of workplace to meet a range of needs. Thanks to their lightweight, adaptable construction, we can install them under almost any kind of existing soffit – as well as around key fixtures, such as lights. And they even come in a host of different designs, so you’ll always find the perfect choice for your office decor.

With their fast and easy installation, we guarantee minimum disruption to your business – we're well-used to working in 'live' working environments, and we’re happy to plan a construction schedule that ensures, for your team, its business as usual.

There's no need to spend money (and waste time) on unnecessary building works. Choose CIBC. Choose a suspended ceiling contractor in Nottingham with 25 years of experience. Choose a fresh look to improve your workplace, all on a budget that works for you.

For more information, contact our team today, and discuss your needs with the expert suspended ceiling contractors in Nottingham.